Instagram Proxies and Reasons to Use One for Promotion

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Instagram Proxies and Reasons to Use One for Promotion

When you are looking at how to promote your business and increase traffic growth, Instagram should be one of the places to consider. The number of active users can reach over one billion every month and it keeps rising. With such a big audience it is becoming the hub for modern business.

Thus, to take advantage of this platform to get more traffic and promote your brand’s awareness, being effective is essential. This can be achieved by using tools like bots or managing multiple accounts. However, if you are using the same IP address while employing these methods, it might be against the rules of Instagram and have bad consequences. To avoid such troubles, without being restricted or even getting a permanent account ban you should look into using proxy servers.

How Proxies Work

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One of the best solutions to avoid getting blocked due to increased activity is choosing to use one of the available Instagram proxy servers. This is how they operate. When you try to get information from the internet, your IP works like your ID card. This way the internet knows to whom requested data should be sent. It means that every action you are taking, whether it be multiple accounts managing or usage of follower bots, Instagram knows it is coming from the same IP address.

The purpose of a proxy server is to act as a gateway between the user and the internet. The proxy server just takes requested data on your behalf and forward it to you. This way Instagram can only see the IP address of the proxy server, but not yours. In other words, a proxy server gives you a new IP address.

Different Types of Proxies to Choose

 There are several types of proxy servers to be used depending on your needs and price you are willing to pay. But before choosing one, you should know that Instagram proxies differ from others by having virgin IP addresses. It means, that these IP addresses have never been used on the internet before. This is very important since Instagram limits the number of accounts from the same IP address. Here are three main types to choose:

 Dedicated proxies – these proxies provided by the datacenter have a single IP address. In other words, they are static. These types of proxies are most suitable for growing Instagram accounts. It is because they can be used only by one person and will not attract much suspicious attention to you.

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Residential proxies – they usually work as rotating IP proxies. These proxies are given by the internet service provider (ISP). If you are thinking of using Instagram bots, residential proxies should be your number one choice. The main reason for this, IP addresses from residential proxies have ISP information and Instagram sees them like ordinary internet users.

Mobile proxies – is a type of proxies that are using mobile IP addresses to hide your true identity. They are very similar to residential proxies, only they are provided by mobile data carriers. In addition to this, you can choose the IP’s to be static just like dedicated proxies are to avoid being banned. Also, if you are using a datacenter given proxy you can be banned even without getting a ban. It can happen if another person on the same subnet is banned. But with mobile proxy provided IP you will be safe in the same situation.

Reasons to Use Proxies on Instagram

 Now, then you know what proxy server is and which type is the best for you, let us see reasons why you should start using one.

Management of Multiple Accounts

Instagram allows you to use a certain number of accounts from the same IP. However, if you are a marketing manager and the number of accounts you have exceeds that number, you are risking to get them all banned. To avoid that, Instagram proxies provide you with different IP addresses for all of your accounts. Also, it can help if you are working from another location. By using proxy service, you can use the same IP address without raising alarm for security checks which might lead to an account ban.

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Automation of your Accounts

Managing multiple accounts can be time consuming and not very effective. Luckily, there are tools called Instagram bots. They allow you to simultaneously manage several accounts. This means that extra time saved by these automation programs can be dedicated to the development of new social media accounts. All you need is a proxy server to prevent you from getting banned and you are ready to boost traffic and promote your brand’s awareness.

Localization of Instagram Account

Then you are trying to attract more audience from other places of the world, using geo-location tags from their area is a must to do. But if you are not located in that exact place it is impossible to do so. Actually, not if you are using a proxy server. This is another reason for you to start using one if you want to grow your traffic.

In this situation, all you need to do, just set your proxy connection to display that particular place of your target audience. Also, if you are located or traveling in a country where Instagram is blocked, a proxy server can help you the same way.

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