JavaScript SEO – What Importance Does it Carry to Rank the Website

JavaScript SEO

So, if you have just launched a new website, and are looking for affordable SEO Services so that you can engage with more customers or clients. Also, it is important that your website has the convincing power of the conversions. But for that, it must stay at the top rank in the top search engine results page.

If you ever had used JavaScript in your website, then it is important for you to remember that some mistakes by you and your website will not be crawled by Google. So, how would you get the prospects? This is why you must be knowing that your use of JavaScript is not impeding the SEO and rankings.

Before we move deep into the SEO about JavaScript, let us understand what is JavaScript and how it can have an impact on the search rankings.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript has now become a key element for the modern web pages along with the CSS and the HTML. The JavaScript is majorly used in two ways on the web pages, either embedding it in HTML within the script tags or it can be used for inserting references. There are a lot of JavaScript libraries and frameworks that are in use like the jQuery, Ember JS and Angular JS.

When asynchronous JavaScript combines with the XML, it allows the web applications to have smooth and seamless communication with the server. There is no interference with the page that is seen on the browser. Also, this allows a lot of other functions to run as well when it is functioning.

Why is JavaScript important for your website

With javascript, powerful web applications can be easily designed. This is why it is important for websites to use JavaScripts. But the success of the website is not possible unless it is fully accessible to the search engine bots.

What is JavaScript SEO

You might be knowing about the dynamics of technical SEO. JavaScript SEO is an integral part of technical SEO that makes it easier for the heavy websites to crawl and index and become search friendly. The major goal is to get these websites found in the search engines

So, have you made an image of JavaScript for SEO? Is it evil or is it bad? Then let us tell you that it is not the case at all. Javascript is somewhat different from what SEO is used to and this is why there is a lot of difference in the strategies that are used for JavaScript. Also, a lot of times, people tend to work with JavaScript even when there is a better solution for them.

Now let us get to know how Google will process the pages with JavaScript.

Earlier, the search engines only used the HTML response to see the content of the pages. Now, with JavaScript, search engines have been updated and due to this, many pages can be easily searched within the search engines.

Let us get to know how Google does this

  • Crawlers – This will send the GET request to the server and the server responds with the header and the content of the file. Google sees the web pages differently as compared to a user, This is why it is important to have tools like the Google search console to have better troubleshooting of JavaScript SEO.
  • Processing– Processing is itself a huge term. When Google navigates through the web pages, it does not read the whole content, rather it checks for the links on the page for the other pages and the files that are needed to build a page. These links are then put into the crawl queue and this is what Google uses for prioritizing and schedule crawling.
  • Render queue– Then, every page goes for the rendering to the renderer. For the JavaScript SEO, the major problem is the two-stage indexing and the page might not get rendered in even weeks.
  • Render– Google here renders the page to see what the user will see and this is the only place where they will process the javascript and changes will be made by the JavaScript in DOM.
  • Crawl queue– Google balances the sites for crawling vs the other sites on the internet. Heavier sites with a larger number of pages will take more time in crawling and thus, some pages will be updated in less time than the others.

This is how javascript SEO will work. Though javascript SEO is much different but there is nothing to fear about with JavaScript. We hope the article would have helped you to understand the javascript SEO and how it can work better. Do not hesitate in reaching out to the developers and get help from them to improve your JavaScript for the search engines.

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