LockDown due to COVID-19? Take These Online Courses

Online Courses

Coronavirus had indeed reshaped the course of time. With everyone sitting at home, it’s obvious to scour ways to make the most of our quarantine period. This article focuses on some free online courses that will assist you in not only utilizing all the free time you have right now but also honing your skills.

Acquiring new skills has become seamless with the advent of the internet, which is why you must be proactive about opting for the free online courses mentioned below.

Digital marketing

Experienced digital marketers tend to earn thousands of dollars per month, making it one of the most sought after courses in the market. Firstly, you need to dive into the basics of digital marketing, which will be explained by the mentor. After that, you should get into practicing the strategies so that their right implementation can be understood. Digital marketing courses are available for free, letting users embark on a new career path without having to shell out a significant amount of money.


Even if you don’t own a high-end DSLR, you can commence your photography career utilizing the smartphone camera. Online photography courses not only help you dawn on the understanding of specific terms like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc. but also provide a whole new perspective to see the world. You can learn from the experts, and what’s best is that you can get into selling stock images clicked from your phone. This way, you can actively monetize the photography skills acquired from these classes.

Content Writing and Blogging

People tend to obtain a considerable part of their daily dose of information with the help of blogs. This trend is only going to increase with more and more users hitting the online sphere. Thus, your best bet is making the language skills into use and learning how to launch your own blog platform that can help shape your voice. If you are consistent enough and manage to keep up with the quality of published content, it won’t be long until you secure a decent number of online readers.

Graphic designing

You can also become a professional graphic designer by opting for online courses. For this one, you also need a decent device on which you can practice and further improve your skills. The reason why graphic designing has become the primary choice of the masses if because all organizations tend to hire designers to make their website look appealing. More so, you can choose between working as a freelancer or joining a company when you’re confident enough about the skills. When it comes to learning the basics, a high-end device won’t be needed, as you just need to practice in order to master the techniques you’ve learned.


There’s no denying the fact that finance is a crucial aspect of any organizational body, as well as an individual. So, opting for finance courses can not only help sort out your taxes and money management but also make you eligible for several decently paying jobs. Know that you don’t have to have a commerce-related background when it comes to opting for these courses because the mentor will walk you through the basics nonetheless. Consecutively, you will be able to master the art of financial management, along with obtaining a certificate for your course. Make sure you don’t get along with a platform that doesn’t offer you a certification, as this will keep you from applying for relevant jobs later on.


Learning a new language is not only fun but also a sure-shot way to open new avenues for earnings. It’s advisable to handpick a language that can assist you in earning a handsome amount of money. Along with online classes, you can download some apps that can further aid the learning process by letting you practice on the go. While at it, you should opt for quizzes so that you can keep a check on the level of perfection you have achieved. The best way to command a new language is by putting into daily use, which can be done by joining online forums in which similar people can help practice the same.

Data science

There’s a hiking need for data scientists in today’s technology-driven business environment. This is why users tend to choose data science learning courses, which can make data analysis a cakewalk. Since businesses deal with massive chunks of data on a daily basis, it becomes imperative to hire data scientists who can draw useful insights. Make sure you follow the course religiously and keep practicing during your leisure hours. With so many sources for free online courses offering classes in data science, it shouldn’t be arduous to decide on one that can make you an expert in this field.

All the best for this journey! We hope you take advantage of this tough time and take some free online courses.

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