Parental Control on YouTube: How to Protect Your Children

Video variations can be found on YouTube in such a way that you have to apologize for certain generalizations, otherwise no comparison attempt might be made. When on TV you have a choice between say 10 main TV channels and maybe a total of one hundred that no one is actually watching, on YT you end up with a choice that is greater than your time. Millions of channels and videos. Therefore, in fact, there are no choice limits. The difficulty then comes to our ability to find content that interests us. And the power of YouTube is here. The algorithm recognizes our interests and can adjust its proposal so we can find the type of content we are looking for. This article will talk about YouTube Parental Controls. Keep reading!

Editorial line freedom:

On TV, the editorial line is determined by the event boss, editor, shareholder … in short by the big boss or the big boss committee. And it’s impossible to get out. More and more, we see programs that develop with clear editorial lines and whose hosts are carriers. On YouTube, the only boss on the editorial track is the person who decides to open his channel. So in both cases, there is an editorial line. It’s just that in one case, he was the boss, in another case, that was yourself. Personally … as a viewer, it makes no difference.

YouTube in the world of children:

Today’s parents focus their frustration on YouTube. The online video platform, which is owned by Google, has become a major concern of young people since a recent disclosure from a blogger who suspected certain pedophiles were using this site to exchange children’s videos. A scandal that saved miners, whose online experience was regularly a concern. Between inappropriate comments, the influence of certain videographers, and the pressures associated with content creation … These are completely new parameters that are added to their daily lives on the Internet.

The platform recently decided to go further, by deciding to block the comment function in most of the videos of minors. “If we understand that comments are important for creators in their interactions with their viewers, we also know that this action is the best way to protect the YouTube community,” said a site spokeswoman.

Like many parents, do you think twice before entrusting your smartphone or tablet to your offspring? Do you worry more than anything about seeing your children come across shocking content? Here is a guide to learn how to activate parental controls on YouTube and block videos supposedly inappropriate for minors.

Google’s video platform is full of cartoons, youth programming, and TV series episodes. Children love it. They spend more time on YouTube than in front of their television. However, among the millions of videos hosted on the platform, there is an incalculable number of content inappropriate for children. YouTube has restricted certain content to email requirements. From registered emails they can block children from dangerous content or adult content. But that doesn’t really guarantee because some smart kids can use their parents’ e-mails to access inappropriate content.

Similar videos are a threat:

And that is the problem. After viewing the video, YouTube offers other similar videos to its users. Younger kids love to rummage through his recommendations looking for other content to watch. But these are the algorithms and moderators of Google are not foolproof.

It sometimes happens (even if it is rare) that the latter put forward inappropriate content for children. So how can you be sure that the programs they are watching are appropriate for their age?

The first reflex is to never leave a little one alone in front of YouTube. It is essential to supervise the digital activity of your child. Parents should also encourage children to make reasonable use of YouTube. The video sharing application should not be considered a babysitter. You need to know how to put parental controls on YouTube.

Activate childproofing on YouTube:

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be permanently next to your child. That’s why it’s important if not essential to turn on the parental control tool available by default on YouTube.

With this restricted mode, Google allows users to automatically hide videos whose content is not suitable for children, such as scenes of violence. The device also filters videos flagged as inappropriate by the YouTube community.

Here is the procedure for activating restricted mode on a computer. If your child is used to using your family’s smartphone or tablet, be sure to put these safety tools on all of your devices.

– Launch the web browser on your computer (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc…)
– Open the YouTube home page
– Click on the Connection button
– Enter your Google account credentials
– Then click on the icon of your avatar, located in the upper right corner of the screen
– Bring down the drop down menu
– Click the Restricted Mode button
– A window will briefly present the possibilities offered by this security tool
– Press the switch activate restricted mode
– Close your web browser completely
– Return to the YouTube site and check in the settings that parental access is activated (on mode)

Restricted mode on mobile and tablet:

Parents can also set restrictions on video content consumed from a smartphone or tablet. The activation process is the same on all Android devices. Please note that this is not a tool to monitor children’s activity on their smartphones.

– Launch the YouTube app
– Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account
– Click on the profile icon Go to your YouTube account settings
– Select the Settings option then General settings Change the general settings of the YouTube application
– Tap the Restricted Mode switch to block videos with content that is potentially restricted to an adult audience. Block inappropriate videos or videos that contain violent content for children.

Keep in mind that this security tool like the vast majority of parental control devices is not 100% reliable. However, this will prevent your children from coming across inappropriate content.

Disable autoplay:

The choice of video offered by YouTube is so vast that you could spend whole days there. Obviously leaving a child taped for an entire afternoon in front of a tablet or computer screen may cause them problems. Several scientific studies have shown that screens can affect the development of toddlers. Pediatricians recommend not leaving children 2 to 5 years old for more than an hour a day in front of a screen (television, mobile, tablet, computer, etc.).

By default YouTube automatically launches a new video as soon as the previous one is finished. This endless scrolling of images reduces the amount of time spent on physical activity and play. Here’s how to turn it off.

Launch the YouTube app
Open the general application settings
Uncheck the Autoplay option Disable autoplay videos

YouTube Kids and approved content:

Given the sheer volume of videos hosted on YouTube, it’s difficult for Google’s moderators to rate and sort videos intended for children. If you want a higher level of security, you should opt for YouTube Kids.

As the name suggests, this app is aimed specifically at children. Once installed on your mobile or tablet, you will be able to choose yourself the content (videos or channels) to which your children will have access.

– Download YouTube Kids from the Google Play Store
– Launch the online video viewing application
– Open the settings and select your child’s profile
– Check the Approved content only box
– Then select the videos, channels or collections of channels that your child can watch

This setting gives you more control over what children watch online. Program recommendations will no longer be made using filters or algorithms. Likewise, the contents previously will not influence those which will be offered subsequently.

You can also use special tools such as FamiSafe by Wondershare. With this tool you can:

– See search history on YouTube and block dangerous channels on your child’s device.
– Manage screen remotely time.
– Monitor your child’s online activities.
– Make use of the free trial.
– Track the location of your child through his mobile device.
– Block applications that are not suitable for your child.
– Detects photos and suspicious text.

By using FamiSafe by Wondershare you can maximize the safety of your child when he is surfing on YouTube and also other websites. How to use the tool? All you have to do is visit the official website and you will be guided step by step to install an additional security system on your child’s mobile device. The steps can be divided in 3 parts; Register, Install and Connect. You will be taught how to block YouTube videos, how to monitor YouTube comments, how to monitor YouTube watch history, how to block dangerous YouTube content and so on.

Remember that your children are your most valuable asset. Don’t let them get mired or trapped by dangerous content on YouTube and the Internet in general. Installing a security application is a recommended preventative measure.

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