Purchasing Games vs Subscription Based Games-Which Option is Better For You?

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Technological progress has made gaming an integral part of our daily lives. It is effortless to access all kinds of games from our PC, mobiles, and tablets.

The gaming statistics from Gamingscan state that a whopping 75% of US households own a device to play games. This means that people do not hesitate to spend money on entertaining themselves via games.

Many people play games to unwind after work, while others play to kill time during the commute or while waiting for an appointment.

As per the reports of Entertainment Software Association, 79% of gamers believe that playing games stimulate their brain. As more than 50% of players play games after work, they also find it a way to release stress.

The online gaming arena is a virtual paradise for gamers today. A wide variety of games on every niche are available, and developers are doing a great job at making games that can keep you hooked for hours.


Casual players usually get satisfied with free-to-play games. Yet, hardcore gamers can satiate their passion by either buying a game or paying a small fee to access a plethora of games offered by a subscription-based gaming service. These two monetization strategies have their pros and cons, which we are about to weigh in this article.

Depending on personal preferences, gamers can decide on what option can be better for them in the longer run. Let us have a look at why the subscription-based model is beneficial for players.


1. A wide array of games for a lesser price

Research from SuperData says that 29% of gamers already pay a monthly subscription for a video game or game serviceThe main reason for the rising popularity of subscription-based gaming is the wide variety of games it offers.

Instead of paying for one single game and then getting bored with it after a few days, you can play as many games in as many categories as you wish. Plus, you don’t even have to compromise on quality over quantity as most of these services come up with top-rated games.

2. Spared from the hindrance of in-app purchases

You completed a level and are impatient to ace another one, but an in-app purchase pops up, hindering your game. Isn’t it highly annoying?

Luckily, subscribing to a gaming service spares you from such irritating occurrences and provides you uninterrupted fun.

3. Ad-free gaming experience

Many ads in between games spoil all the fun. You sit there frustratingly as you wait for the ad to finish. Services such as Unlimited Gamez Mo promise an ad-free gaming experience. What they provide is plenty of fun and zero popups that every gamer wishes for while playing.

4. Saves money

Most of the game subscription services have weekly, monthly, or yearly payment packages that you can avail according to your affordability.

For instance, the EA Origin Access gaming service offers its Basic and Premium packages for a month and even for the whole year. Just like with subscription in other services like web hosting or Netflix offers a better deal, annual subscriptions of gaming also save you a lot of bucks.

5. Discounts and incentives

In addition to playing your favorite games, you can take advantage of the various incentives and rebates that the service usually comes up with for their customers.

6. Entertains the whole family

According to the Entertainment Software Association’s statistics on social aspects of gamers, 82% consider family as their top priority.

If you too fall among this category, you will be relieved to see that subscribing to a gaming service can actually entertain all of your family. As the variety of games is unlimited, there is something for everyone to play.

Be it adventurous games for kids, classic word puzzles for the elders of the family, or fun stimulating math games for working adults; the options are many.

7. No extra fee for new games

To make their subscription model successful, developers continuously upload new games in the catalog. As you have already paid for the subscription, you don’t need to pay extra to enjoy new games every now and then.

8. No hidden charges

 All the popular subscription-based services like Ubisoft, Stadia, Unlimited Gamez, or Nintendo claim not to have any hidden charges. They have lived up to their claims so far.

9. Gaming library viewable before subscribing

While making a purchase, a customer needs assurance whether his hard-earned money is going for something that is worth it or not. That is what you get when you plan to subscribe to gaming. You can browse the gaming library beforehand to get an idea about what you are paying for. Viewing all the exciting games allows you to be clear-headed and confidently opt for a subscription.


1. Access to your favorite games

As compared to the subscription, purchasing a single game basically means you are buying something you are already in love with.

2. Works well if you are a fan of only a few games

If you are not much into experimenting and intend to play a few favorite games, then it is better to buy just those games as it will be cheaper in the longer run.

3. No weekly or monthly subscription hanging over your head

Paying monthly for a service that you barely use is a sheer waste of money. You should preferably buy one game that you play often. The monthly reminder to pay for the subscription can be quite bothersome for you if the use is next to nothing.

4. Can be a good option if you have limited time to play

Keeping in mind your spare time, you should make a wise decision if subscribing to a gaming service will be useful or not. It is not an option for someone who plays a single game casually for a minimal time. Mostly, subscription-based games work for those who spend a lot of time playing a variety of games.


The analysis above clearly shows that subscription-based gaming is a clear winner having a lot more benefits than purchasing a single game.

One more thought to ponder over is that the subscription model has been successful in the other categories of media and is gaining popularity. Therefore, we can assume that in the future, it can also have the edge over outright purchasing that gamers usually make.

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