What Are The Best Software To Recover Windows 10 Password if You Forgot?

Recover Windows 10 Password

For Windows 10 computers it is recommended to keep updating passwords to ensure data privacy and password hacking. Few times the recently changed password is skipped off by users and creates great stress to recover passwords. Either for personalized or professional it is important to secure windows 10 operating system that is designed by Microsoft that is kept extremely compatible with many advanced apps, cross platforms as well as latest device versions. Most of the time the password is lost unintentionally like while emptying trash files, unused apps, formatting, or by external virus attack. No matter what and how you skipped of your password here are few decent apps that help you recover login password for Windows 10.

Method 1# LCP Free windows 10 password Recovery Software

LCP is a free windows 10 password recovery software that is completely safe and free software to help users to recover lost/forget Windows 10 login password. In the operating system, the password is encrypted through hashes algorithms and intensified for major security purposes. While attempting a password recovery through LCP it is essentially required to first fetch all the NTLM password hashes stored in SAM files of the computer system. LCP is a recommended tool for auditing a recover password through a set of external forces namely, a Brute force attack, Dictionary attack, or by using a Hybrid attack.

Step 1: Go to the official website of LCP free windows 10 login password recovery software to download the completely free version. You can try the below-given link to reach the official LCP website:

Step 2: Once the LCP password recovery tool is downloaded open the LCP and locate for “Import” menu. Here user can import different types of files,Since these files are secured under C:/Windows/System32/Config.

Step 3: To extract SAM file or password hashes <Choose Import SAM files> from the “Import” Menu. Sooner the user is switched to a window “Import SAM file” here make sure to uncheck the option mentioned below “Additional encryption is used” tap OK to confirm.

Step 4: A detailed list from SAM files of user names and password hashes will be displayed by the LCP program. Now click on the Arrow button highlighted to crack the password. When the password is detected it is displayed under the NT column of the program window. Just note down the recover login windows 10 password and “Reboot” the device to work normally.

*The worst part of the LCP Windows 10 recovery software is it takes a longer time up to few days to find the lost password.

Method 2#  Windows 10 password Recovery Software

Question about how to recover it if you forgot Windows 10 password ?

Don’t worry ! Here Windows 10 Password Recovery Software is the best choice among users for Windows login password recovery software. The software is designed basically with the most user-friendly tabs and tools. Users not much familiar with the technicality of apps or software can also recover the password with a simple user manual within the software. The Windows 10 Password Recovery Software is the recommended windows 10 login password recovery software on the internet today that gives promising results.


Step 1: First download this software from the official site and extract the ISO files to burn them into CD or USB to create an impactful Password recovery disk with the help of ISO disc setup.

Step 2: Once the “Windows Password Recovery Disk” is created insert the Live CD/USB to the locked Windows 10 computer and wait to proceed. Change the preferences in the UEFI/BIOS settings.

Step 3: The Windows 10 Password Recovery Software will resume and open a recovery Window with a list of options to select. Select the option “Reset Local/Admin/User Password”.

Step 4: Finally, select the account you wish to reset the password. And click on the <RESET> tab to confirm the password reset. Here the password can be only recovered by password reset that allows users to unlock Windows 10 computer without any data loss.

Method 3# Passfolk – Free windows 10 password Recovery Software

The Passfolk compatible with almost any windows computer is developed with login password and user account recovery efficiency. Saver-win is well-engrossed software that helps to locate and swipe the lost windows login password without much effort. The Saver-win Passfolk is the best bios and windows servers supporting tool with a simple user interface that helps the user to recover windows login account without re-installation .


Step 1: Browse the official link of Saver-Win the windows password recovery tool by Passfolk,then make a complete download and installation on any other computer device.

Step 2: Now create a password disk by burning the ISO files to a blank USB Flash drive/CD/DVD. Saver-win automatically resumes the Quick ISO files then mention the drive and then click on the “Burn USB” tab to start the burning process of ISO files to the chosen USB flash drive. Finally, the user will receive a “Burning Successfully” notification through a Pop Window.

Step 3: Moving to the “Reset” user will place the USB Flash drive to the locked computer and then chose the windows version > select the user name, and tap then tap on the “Reset Password” button. Finally “Reboot” the device to check if it is unlocked and working as usual. The windows 10 login is accessible now and there are few more options given by the Saver win software to help users in a great way.


In the end, we assure you that all the above-mentioned tools are the best Windows password recovery software ranking on the top search. (Windows 10 password recovery tool year 2020) we are always open to the queries.If you want to solve this problem as quickly as possible with the simplest steps,in my opinion,the Windows 10 Password Recovery Software will be the best of them. Please send your valuable comments & feedbacks to us. Thanks for visiting!

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