Tech Savvy Tips For Work-At-Home Moms to Set Up the Perfect Home Office

by KEN

Given the current social-distancing, a whole lot of us have been staying home basically doing nothing. This is why it may be good to put some exercise on your body and brain by working and setting up a fancy tech home office in your home and work online.

Should I be a tech expert to make this happen?

In this world of modern technology, many working adults may not be well versed with the latest tech. So, if you happen to be one of those adults, you may be wondering if you can set up your very own tech office at home without any technical support. And our answer to this is a resounding yes! You certainly can.

You do not necessarily have to be a tech expert or a professional. You can simply learn certain basics. But one thing you have to know is you can’t just jam every possible information inside your brain.

First, you have to make sure which tech area you need to focus on and get started. You can always make use of the internet to understand technical terms and processes to help you become well-versed with your problems.

Where do I start?

The first obvious thing to do would be to select an empty space to set up your ‘tech office’. Once you get your office space up and running, you will need to initiate and install a whole lot of tech devices that you will need if you are to work from your home.

There is a huge market for technological devices like computers and printers and more, both online and offline. Even when making comparisons with the tech, there are so many variations of tech to choose from.

Now if this is your first home office rodeo, your budgeting may be a little offbeat and considering how the current situation puts a huge hole in our finances, you may be not as happy to spend a lot. Hence, you can save up a ton of money by going for the refurbished devices which are available just about anywhere online.

What are refurbished devices?

Refurbished devices can be any electronic device ranging from phones to laptops to computers and many more which were returned by a buyer while under warranty to the manufacturer (probably due to an internal or physical defect) and repaired. Thereafter, once repaired they are now sold as ‘refurbished’ devices. Apple also sells refurbished devices that are traded in from customers looking for an upgrade. Apple replaces the housing and perhaps some internal parts most likely the battery and sells the phone as a refurbished one.

Buying refurbished devices are great for various reasons. They are more cost-efficient and even if the device is not new by name, it has been repaired so it will be good as new for daily use.

Before you make any purchase, check whether the item comes with a warranty or not. If the seller is providing you with just a short warranty then you may not be getting the best deal. Devices which come with full warranty are considered much better for use.

While refurbished items may seem like a risky move on saving money, these provide way more value for the price as compared to buying used second hand devices. However, for secure purchase, you have to buy the devices from trusted sellers like Phonebot. They have some fantastic deals on the new Apple iPhone XR and other phones and laptops.

Some steps on setting up the home office

There is nothing better than working in the comfort of your own house. Especially, in a time like this when going to work outside is not only physically tiring but also quite unsafe. Of course, working from your home does not mean you get to sit just about anywhere and work.

You will need to prioritize a private workspace for yourself. Not to mention, having a proper set of essential tech items to get your online work presence buzzing. So, to help you navigate through this, here are some tech tools to make your work more productive.

  • Get a computer desktop or a laptop. If your work requires a lot of online video sessions and conference holdings, go for a laptop with a high-resolution front camera.
  • Get an extra set of wireless keyboards. A lot of online works require a lot of typing so, in order to get your job done faster, you can purchase the comfortable wireless keyboard with soft and spacious keypads.
  • Get a printer. No work is done without getting some printing done. Now, there are a lot of printers available so if you are unsure of which one to get, look for a specific function. For e.g., if you happen to do a lot of paperwork scanning, choose a printer that has a good scanner feature.
  • Set up a Wi-Fi router. Fast work completion requires a fast internet connection so invest in some high-speed Wi-Fi router to get your work done fast without interruptions.
  • Keep a charging station at bay. Preferably the ones with a solid built and lots of port options to fit all kinds of cable.
  • Switching between computer screens can be challenging at times. So, we suggest you buy a USB-C docking station. This little device has some impressive features and can support up to two external monitors.
  • Every working station needs a power backup resource. This means a high capacity AC power bank is highly suggested to keep your workplace up and running in times of electrical shortage. Look for power banks with a few extra connection ports and huge power capacity.
  • Next up, is a very small yet important device. Especially if you are conducting any kind of work overseas. The in-ear AI translator is an in-ear device that can translate foreign languages for you. This translator device is also found in a mobile format but for better and convenient use, the in-ear form is suggested.
  • Go for a wireless and noise-canceling headset. This is a must-have item when you are working from home as it cancels out external noises and provides some peace for you to work with.

Final tip 

Getting familiar with techs is not a hard thing if you open yourself up to exploring the variety of technological devices available. Since you may know what your work requires more than anyone else, it will be good for you to catalog and set up devices that suit your work needs best.

Always look for online product comparisons, reviews and check out the performance and processor spec of the devices before you make any tech purchases. This will surely advance your skills as a new ‘tech-savvy’.

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