The Gaming World: Why is it so Addictive?

by KEN
The Gaming World Why is it so Addictive

We all love to play video games all the time; very few people do not find gaming an enjoyable spare time activity. Interestingly, some people are genuinely obsessed with gaming and spend hours playing their favorite games. But have you ever thought why the gaming world is so addictive for game lovers? What makes people addicted to them?

Our current discussion is the perfect answer to all the concerns mentioned above. Here, in the present review, we have highlighted the reasons for video game addiction. If you genuinely want to identify the core reasons, then you must read on.

Reason for Gaming World Addiction

The following are the significant reasons that make almost all the video games addictive, and people feel hooked all the time. Let us spotlight the primary reasons including;

  • They do not have a predefined end

One of the fundamental reasons that increase the curiosity about playing more games is that they do not have a predefined ending. Undoubtedly, you all play a lot of games daily, and still, you have no idea about the end. Give your honest views; doesn’t it entice you to play more games until you get an idea about its definitive ending? It is a fact, and there is no denying the acceptance of this statement that the infinite levels increase the gamers’ interest level.

Unquestionably, there is no real point when you get to see that you have cleared all the levels, and the game will come to an end now. These never-ending levels make the game lovers stick to their device and play till they clear all the levels. The vague idea about the game’s finish time is the ultimate cause of people addicted to games.

Sadly, video game addiction has a negative side because it escalates mental health issues, particularly among adults. Most of the news also highlights the adverse effects of game addiction on mental health. Similarly, valorant esports is one of the most incredible places to grab all the latest news about modern video games and their pros and cons.

  • Improve social networking

Thank the latest technology because, due to the technological advancement the human interaction has increased significantly. Though there are enough ways to interact with one another, including restaurants, chats, etc., online communication is currently the latest trend. Most of the video games have introduced exciting ways to interact with the other players of the game. Amazingly, the introduction of various features where you can invite other players to join you as a teammate is another reason for gaming addiction. It provides an excellent opportunity to increase your friend circle and spend quality time in knowing new people.

The developers have introduced some other features in the video games that are quite similar to social networking websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc. That gives a better experience and a massive chance to expand your social network.

But the dark side of this too much social networking is that people are addicted to spending enough time with their game partners, ignoring their real-life friends. That is why gaming addiction can never be a healthier sign for anyone.

Keep one thing in mind:

If we think social media has connected us, then we are wrong. It disconnects us from the real world.

It is a bitter reality that we all are facing now. The gaming addiction is taking us towards real-life isolation.

  • Rewards for the players

Rewards always motivate and encourage you to pursue something with great enthusiasm. Similarly, in the gaming world, compensation is the instant gratification for the player, and they always choose it over the delayed gratification. Again a harsh reality about today’s generation is that it wants everything now without any delay.

It is an accurate proclamation, particularly in the present era of chaos and haphazard. Almost all the games are using instant gratification to reward the winning players. Once the player accomplishes the task, he usually gets some additional points, unlocks new levels, and earns the cash (not in all the games).

Isn’t it addictive to earn points or unlock the new ventures? The thought of exploring and getting something better makes a player addicted to a particular game.

  • Considered as undamaging online activity

Another perception about a video game is that people consider it a harmless online activity as it is far better than the unfortunate addiction of alcohol or gambling etc. That is why players think it is better to play more games than spend time on unhealthy or harmful activities. It is justified to become addicted to certain games as it does not damage their mental health. But it is not a fact, though it is better than adopting immoral activities, spending substantial time playing games can never be a healthier sign for your mental and physical health.

  • They present escape from the real world

Most of the people do not want to face the harsh reality that is why they choose games as an escape from reality. Most of the latest games have introduced smart features, i.e., virtual persona, to give the player a better experience.

Final Words

It is the right time to question whether you are addicted to video games or not. If yes, then you must deem over the fact that too much addiction is never good for the health. So, find a better solution and make the perfect use of your spare time.

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