The Importance of Performing Social Media Audit for Your Company

by KEN

Social media has become one of the most effective tools of marketing. Therefore, you will often find yourself spending money on social media accounts in the bid of winning customers. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you perform regular social media audits to trace your expenditure on various accounts and also know whether your allocated money is working towards achieving the company objective. Here is some importance of social media audit to a given company.

Puts You in Charge

It is all about getting results and converting more leads. When you perform a social media audit for your accounts, you will know which areas on which to focus more and where there is potential for growth. Additionally, if you perform the audit with reliable personnel, you get transparent, objective, and authentic advice on how you should plan and execute your social media ideas for better results. For this reason, NetBase is here for you. They provide you with accurate and fastest social media analysis. Therefore, you will have a new angle at which you perceive your investment and track all your funds’ allocation.

Provide You with Solution

When you market your products or services through social media, you expect to find positive results in terms of conversions. However, most businesses today do not expect as much from their social media accounts due to inadequate allocation. Other companies don’t rely on social media as their primary source of generating leads or even raising awareness. When you don’t run your accounts effectively, they can be frustrating, and they may not even be able to sustain their existence on social platforms. With auditing, your company will be able to resolve such issues, and in return, start generating and converting more leads.

Stands Out From Competitors

Competition in business is good. It gives you reasons to wake up and push harder in the quest for finding success and excellence. When you audit your social media accounts, it gives you information on how to conduct business, maintain your customer base, and also expand your wings to other markets. Additionally, you get to know what you should do differently for you to win more audience and increase your chances of staying ahead of the competition.

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Auditing is more of a detective job, and you require to have a place to record all your findings. Therefore, you should start by creating a spreadsheet that will make it possible for you to track all the uncovered information. If you hire social media auditors, then they will create the spreadsheet for you. However, you can also create it yourself via Google docs of excel.

The next step is to track down all social media accounts that you use for business. This includes those that your team uses to market your products or services. With listing your accounts, it will be easy to identify the once that works best and passes information to the target market.

Go through each account and pinpoint your best posts and the audience response for each. Be as precise as possible while evaluating your posts and audience across different accounts. If you have several accounts on the same platform, compare all accounts and identify any similarity in post creation.


Social media audit makes it possible for you to track your investment and have the ultimate control of your business growth. It also gives you a better understanding of how to perform various platforms. Auditing also gives you an overview of how to stay ahead of your completion, as well as what you should do to gain more customer support.

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