Top 5 Reliable iPhone Keylogger in 2020

by KEN
iPhone Keylogger

The iPhone is considered a status symbol in the present days and with the introduction of every new model, it becomes mandatory for iPhone users to upgrade the device. The security of the iPhone is quite tight and people set complex codes to prevent any breach into their data.

Keylogger is a special feature to make it easy for you to open the device and to find out the passwords of different social media accounts. The keylogger has this unique ability to record any touch of the iPhone device and convey to you, all the information and text typed on the iPhone by the owner.

To make use of this feature you need an online spying application to make it possible to have the data on your screen. In this article, we will present to you the five best spying apps you can use to break all the passwords.

Minspy: Reliable Keylogger

Minspy is the reliable keylogger for the iPhone in 2020 which you can use to open the doors to any social media account and the mobile phone. Minspy is basically the online hacking device for mobile phones which can hack both the androids and the iPhones.

The keylogger alone is not the service provided by the Minspy. It hacks the device completely and after hacking the device you can make use of the keylogger feature it offers to find out the password of the device and the passwords of any social media accounts.

Along with that anything types on the iPhone will be directed to your dashboard, including the text messages. So you can read both the deleted messages and those present in the device. Even if the person is chatting with someone in private chat he will use the keypad to type those messages so you will have access to them too.

Anything searched on the search engine and the sites visited will be within your knowledge. If the user is installing any app or sending a secret email that won’t be hidden or confidential at all.

How to use the keylogger with Minspy:

To use the keylogger feature of the Minspy you have to try Minspy’s monthly plan. For availing this opportunity you have to sign up for the account and submit the payment for using the premium or family version.

Minspy is not light on the wallet and by maintaining your budget you can get benefit from its top-notch services. To save you from the flimflam services it is highly recommended to give Minspy a try and say thanks later.

Step 1:

The first thing you have to get is the subscription for the plan you want to use. This first step is to enter the email address and the password.

Step 2:

After creating the account on Minspy site you will be asked to enter the credentials of the device you want to hack and the person this device belongs to. As you know Minspy can hack both the iPhone and the android devices. So you have to specify that the device you want to hack is an iPhone.

After that, you will be required to submit the payment. The Premium version is the best if your keylogger hacking device is a single iPhone. In the case of Multiple iPhones, you will need family version to use the features fully.

Step 3:

The next step is to verify the credentials belong to that iPhone device because all the data from and iPhone is conveyed to an iCloud server and from there it is transferred to your dashboard. It is easy to hack that iCloud server by entering the iCloud credentials; it will take a few minutes to merge the iPhone with the account of the Minspy.

Another cool thing is that there is absolutely no need to install any application in the target device. It is totally web-based and you can reach the most hidden information of the iPhone by using any web browser by logging into your account.

Step 4:

Once the verification is complete, you have to open the account of Minspy and a dashboard will open on your screen. On the left side, you will find the selection panel. Now here you will see the keylogger feature Minspy has to offer. You just have to click on that and the whole record of keypad touches will open in front of you.


Spyier is an online software for spying any device including the iPhone. It also has this special feature of keylogging. If you want to keep yourself aware of the activities of your employees, the keylogger feature will do this magic for you by providing all the information at your doorstep without any hard work from your side.


Spyine provides this keylogging feature to keep you aware of the contacts your spouse is searching, or the person your better half is stalking on the social media account. You can find out the reason behind his cold behavior after all the compromises you have made for him.


Spyic with its modern technology acts as a third eye to see all the text typed on the target iPhone and save it for you like a know -it -all genius. So you can count on the spyic to get the keys to any social media account, email account, and the iPhone itself.


If you are worried about the upbringing of your child who is still wet behind the ears with Cocospy, you can have access to everything he typed on his phone by using the virtual touchpad. There will be no chance of your identity being revealed so you can rest assured about the privacy of the child. No information is sent to any server for storing it so no one except yourself will be able to see the data of your child’s iPhone.


Keylogger is the most advanced feature offered by online spying services. To take full benefit from this service it is recommended to use the Minspy and get all the information while keeping your identity hidden. It is trustworthy and reliable. You can use it without any query on any device and along with that, there is a whole team of competent operators to answer any question you have about Minspy.

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