Top 5 SEO Tips that Every Beginner Should Follow

by KEN

Are you a beginner and seeking for basic tactics for SEO? Then this article aims to bring the solution to your problem. First, let’s discuss something about SEO. Search Engine Optimization, i.e., SEO ensures your content and website ranks high on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

As the higher your webpage and writing ranks on Google, more people would visit your website and read your work. This article presents some basic SEO tips, especially for beginners. Also, you can contact the SEO Consultants Sydney for better understanding and implementation of SEO in your website.

The following are the topmost, easy and effective 5 SEO tips that every beginner can follow:

Choose Fresh Contents:

Always try to write on new and fresh topics. People don’t like to reread the same old contents over and over on different sites or pages. So you must come up with fresh ideas that are yet to get famous or not being published very often. However, it’s tough always to get fresh contents so that you can add current and relevant information in your older post. And republish it by changing the title with the present date.

Research and Use Adequate Keywords:

Keywords play a vital role here. Usually, viewers search using some common words on the search engine; this is why using relevant keywords is necessary to rank high in Google. There are several strategies and keyword research tools for both short-tail and long-tail keywords that you can use to make a good selection of keywords suitable for your content.

Backlink with Other Websites:

Optimize your business around the web by backlinking your website with other websites. Make sure those backlinks come from high ranking sites and have a link with your content. Even Google and search engines believe the more high-quality and relevant backlinks you carry, the more useful is your site. You can easily get started with backlink tools for finding the most effective backlinks and increase the rank of your website.

Optimize for Featured Snippets:

Optimizing your content for featured snippets can prove to be beneficial for your website. Featured snippets appear around fifty per cent of search results. Hence, it is common that every site would want to optimize their content for them. Being in the ‘Position Zero’ places your content above every other content or page and helps you to earn more traffic and clicks for your website. All you need to do is follow some basic steps like answer featured snippet, create few tables, and use the relevant or core keyword as your heading to trigger the featured snippet.

Make your website Mobile Friendly:

Not everyone is available on their desktops or laptops every time nowadays. But one thing is common in everybody’s case, that is their mobile phone. People spend more time on their phones, surfing different sites and brochures. So making your site mobile-friendly would be an advantageous step to head. This way, more people can visit your website and read your contents at a time. And will eventually lead you to the higher rank in search engine.


To conclude, the fact mentioned above are some basic SEO ways for beginners who want to see themselves at the top. So next time, when you have queries regarding SEO, you can follow these steps and make your website the most recommended one.

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