Best Ways to Switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail and Outlook


If you use Yahoo mail, then now is the time to transfer to a new email address. After the current Yahoo hack, you will be better off switching to a more secure email service. And the great news is that moving from one email provider to another is safe, reliable, and straightforward. You will not have to lose old emails or contacts nor miss out on new messages sent to your old mail. These are the three ways to migrate from Yahoo to two of the most famous free email service provider today (Gmail and Outlook):

Import Contacts and Old Email Messages

When you’ve unfinished business left in your old Yahoo inbox, importing your contacts & e-mails is the first thing you should do. In this way, you will not have to go back and forth between your old & new email addresses.

Switching to Gmail

Transfer old emails & contacts to Gmail using these simple steps:

  1. Click Settings on the top right corner.
  2. Tap “Accounts and Imports” tab > “Import mail and contacts”.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Finally, tap “Start import.”

Apart from importing old emails and contacts from your Yahoo mail, Gmail will make sure that new emails are forwarded to your new Google inbox for 30 days. It’ll buy you enough time to tell folks you know about your new email address.

Switching to Outlook

The process is even more straightforward and effortless when you import old emails and contacts to Outlook. While the TrueSwitch wizard that made the whole thing amazingly easy has long been retired, it is still relatively effortless and straightforward.

Navigate to Options > “Import email accounts

Select the “Yahoo” option after that enter your Yahoo mail credentials.

It was not that hard, was it?

After setting it up, the import occurs in the background. Thus you continue using Outlook undisturbed. The length of the process mostly relies on how many emails you’ve in your Yahoo inbox. You will be sent an email when the transfer is complete, though. For your contacts, connect your Yahoo account to your Microsoft account to make them appear in the address book.

Set Up Email Forwarding

Another technique to transfer to a new email address is to set-up email forwarding. Remember that this function has to be setup with your Yahoo account, not the account you want to forward emails to. Here are the instructions to set it up:

  1. Hover over the Settings menu icon > Settings.
  2. Select “Accounts,” then tap the primary Yahoo account.
  3. Scroll down and select “Forward.” Afterward, enter the forwarding address.
  4. Choose either “Store & forward” or “Store & forward and mark as read,” depending on whichever option prefer you.
  5. Verify the forwarding address via the verification email that gets sent. Follow the verification email’s instructions.
  6. Once you have successfully verified your forwarding email, tap “Save”.

UPDATE: In a miserable turn of events, Yahoo has just disabled automatic “Mail Forwarding.” Whereas they announced the service is under development & improving it, the move has been highly criticized.

Email Fetching

Your contacts will probably continue sending you messages to your old e-mail address even after you tell them you have made the switch. In this case, set-up your new email to retrieve emails from your Yahoo account from time to time.

Fetch Using Gmail

  1. Again, tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Go to Settings > Accounts & Import tab.
  3. Tap “Add a POP3 mail account you own” in the “Check email from other accounts” section.
  4. Enter your Yahoo email address. Afterward, tap “Next Step”.
  5. You will be needed to enter the password of your Yahoo account.
  6. When you are shown a couple of checkboxes, leave most checked except for “Archive incoming messages.” Otherwise, you will not see new messages from your Yahoo mail in your Gmail’s inbox.
  7. Tap on “Add Account.”

Furthermore, during the process, Google will send a verification link to your Yahoo address. All you require to do is click on that link to verify the account, and you are set! In case you receive any error messages during the set-up, it may be because your Yahoo account’s POP is disabled. To further help you in such cases, take note of these POP access settings & instructions for Yahoo Mail.

Fetch Using Outlook

  1. Choose the app launcher found in the top-left corner—select Mail.
  2. Then select Settings > Options on the Outlook navigation bar.
  3. On the left pane, choose Mail. After that, choose Connected accounts under Accounts.
  4. Now enter your full email address and password of your Yahoo mail on the Connect your email account page.
  5. Choose OK, and you are all set!

When Outlook cannot hook up with your Yahoo account server, you either withdraw and re-enter your Yahoo mail credentials or set it up as a POP account. To do the latter, you follow equivalent steps or instructions except that you choose Other email accounts under Connected accounts. Follow the next instructions from there and use the POP access settings we’ve provided above.

Dear Visitors, if you have been itching to make the switch a shiny, new email service, these steps or instructions should guide you.

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