What Are the Advantages of Static Proxies?

by KEN

To understand static proxies, you must first understand data center proxies and residential proxies. Data center proxies are IP addresses created from a data center that you’re your IP address and offer rapid response time.

Residential proxies provide IP addresses that are linked to actual residential addresses making them legitimate and difficult to ban.

Each of these proxies has a significant benefit. While residential proxies are legitimate, reliable, and block-free, data center proxies work at a rapid speed.

So, what has this got to do with static proxies? Static proxies, also called static residential proxies, give you the best of both worlds – reliability, and speed. They combine the best features of residential proxies and data center proxies.

What are Static Proxies?

Static proxies are basically data center IP addresses assigned by an ISP. The name ‘static’ indicates that you can operate as a residential user, using the same IP address for as long as possible. In other words, they are fixed addresses.

A static proxy is the fusion of a residential proxy and data center proxy, providing both high anonymity and speed for a reliable proxy server. Benefits of using static proxies include:

High Speed

These proxies originate from data center proxies, which are known for high speed, so it’s no surprise that they are also fast. You won’t be disappointed with connection speed, and you can gather data and intelligence quickly.

As a business, you need to make quick business decisions to protect your brand and market share for smooth operations and overall business success.

High Anonymity

Considering they are assigned by an ISP and connect to an actual IP address, the legitimacy and anonymity are guaranteed. Online ‘spies’ will assume that you are using your own IP address. No one will detect that you are using a proxy.


The reliability of the static proxies stems from the authentic IP addresses. As a result, static proxies will never get blocked. You will always have access to sites that are helpful to your business. For example, when you’re web scraping or carrying out market research, you’ll have a seamless process.

99% Uptime

Static proxies inherit this quality of stability and reliability from data center proxies. There’s no doubt that you’ll complete your tasks quickly and without interruptions.

Other advantages include:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Low costs
  • Email server hosting capabilities

Because they are static, you can use one IP address over a long period as required. However, the downside to that may leave your business vulnerable to data miners.

A static IP address does not change until the nature of your network changes, or the device is decommissioned. A static IP address has several benefits, including:

  • Convenient remote access using a VPN
  • Better DNS server support
  • Reliable geo-location services
  • Reliable communication through video communications

Generally, static IP addresses are excellent for businesses that host their own internet services and websites. They work great when remote workers are accessing the network using a VPN.

When to Use Static Proxies?

When making purchases on e-commerce websites or accessing social media platforms, it is wise to use static proxies. In such cases, you cannot use rotating IP addresses. Some sites will ban your account if they notice a rotating IP address.

Static proxies are perfect for several online activities, including:

  • Purchasing limited-release tickets from any geographical location
  • Buying limited-edition sneakers easily with a masked identity
  • Managing several social media accounts without being blocked. For example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Comparing prices of airfare and hotels around the world
  • Collecting accurate price information from travel agencies and flight companies
  • Making several e-commerce purchases and form submissions

They are also great for website hosting, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, and gaming.

Conditions for a Computer that Acts as a Static Proxy

  • It must be directly connected to the internet
  • An agent must be installed on it (version 6.0 and later)
  • It must have not less than 128 MB RAM
  • It must not be blacklisted. The installation sequence must have finished.
  • It must have been connected to the server in the last 72 hours

If the computer set to work as a static proxy does not meet some of the above requirements, the proxy option in the console will be disabled.

The computer name will disappear, and a message will appear, stating that the requirement was not fulfilled. If a computer ceases to act as a static proxy because it was blacklisted but is whitelisted later, it must be reconfigured to work as a static proxy.

For optimal network performance in your business, static proxies are worth the investment. You will get the high speed of data center proxies.

They make up for the unreliability of data center proxies with the anonymity and security of residential proxies. Static proxies combine the best features of both proxies to give you the best of both worlds. You can buy these proxies from a residential proxy service provider.

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