What are the Advantages of Using a Dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP

If you are the one searching for a VPN, you might have come across the term “dedicated IP”. Most of the VPN providers use it as a weapon to sell their services. Choosing a virtual private network that provides you with a dedicated IP address has multiple benefits. Before we browse through the benefits of dedicated IP, let us first understand what exactly it is.

 Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP – What it is?

 Dedicated IP

It is an IP that is used by a single person. Most of the times, you connect to a VPN, you share that IP address with a lot of other users. Suppose you choose Las Vegas as your server location, an IP of that location gets assigned to you. The same IP address is used by many other users selecting Las Vegas as their server location. The data traffic of more than one person is sent via the same IP address, but this isn’t the case with a dedicated IP.

Dedicated IP

The VPN provider assigns you a static IP address that only you can use. This IP address is different from your local IP and all your data is sent through it without losing your control of privacy. You need to pay a little more money to use a dedicated IP address.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP Address

There are a few benefits of using a dedicated IP address over a shared one, and some of them have been discussed alongside.

 Dedicated IP

Your IP Address Don’t Get Blacklisted Easily

One of the biggest advantages of using a dedicated IP address is that the IP doesn’t get blacklisted easily as you are the only person using it. For example – You are using are streaming Netflix using a shared address. There will be other users as well as doing the same using the same address. Netflix will detect suspicious behavior and blacklist that IP address as they won’t be able to verify your location because you are using a VPN. This means you will not be able to watch Netflix content using that IP.

No Verification Needed

A website blacklists an IP address because of its sense of distrust or suspicion. It might be unpredictable or irregular. The website might suspect the misuse of your account or IP and acts by blocking it. Sites like PayPal, Gmail, etc. might ask you for extra verification if they see multiple people coming from the same address. Every time you access a service, you might be asked for extra verification if suspicion is detected.

Faster Emails

The email delivery is swift. Dedicated IPs are trusted by a number of mailboxes such as Gmail than emails that originate from shared IP addresses. Email traffic not coming from dedicated IPs get more priority over the traffic which is generated through shared IPs because the emails sent through shared IPs are double-checked by the services. The chances of your email reaching to spam folder will be reduced significantly. You will also be able to communicate faster.

Working from Home Becomes Easy

For business users, dedicated IPs can be useful to gain access to a specific network. There are networks that are accessible only through a few IPs. With dedicated IPs, your organization can provide you access to important documents that are accessible only through office IP address. So, you will be able any network by whitelisting the dedicated IPs and these IPs must be assigned to selected individuals in your organization looking to access files in your office network. This will prevent false access and you will be aware of who is accessing what.

The Bottom Line

So, using dedicated IPs can solve a number of problems from watching Netflix without blocking your IP to accessing a business network. You can deliver emails faster right to the inbox. If you are using a dedicated IP, you are the only person who will be using it. It might cost you a little extra, but you can reap multiple benefits.

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