What Makes Shopify the Perfect Option for Online Business


Ecommerce continues to grow, and worldwide online sales are projected to reach almost 5 trillion dollars (Shopify Plus, 2019). Some would say that the industry is oversaturated, and there is no room for newcomers. However, there will always be opportunities for those who want to make money.

It is also worth mentioning that not every market is oversaturated, and that there will be new niches emerging in the future. If you are prepared to work for the long-term, you should start to gain experience with ecommerce right away.

Shopify is often a preferred choice for sellers. But what makes the platform so popular? There are quite a few advantages.

Advantage #1 – Easy Setup

The fact that it takes basically a few clicks to initially set up the store is one of the biggest advantages of Shopify. It is fuss-free and is a perfect solution to everyone who wants to create a store but are afraid of going through all the complicated processes of setting it up.

The platform itself provides users with software and hosting that you need to start the site. The backend interface is also easy to understand once you get acquainted with the basics. And there are helpful pointers when you are beginning. In other words, even users with little to no experience are not going to get lost along the way.

Advantage #2 – App Integrations

You might be surprised by how many applications are available on Shopify. These extensions allow you to create a unique store and stand out from the rest.

Moreover, it appears that there are great new additions that are developed and released to the public. Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer is a good example.

Keep in mind, though, that while these features are great and boost the store’s value, adding too much does not bode well. Do not go over the top as too many active apps will slow down the website. Keep things reasonable.

Advantage #3 – Plethora of Learning Material

Plethora of Learning Material

It will be a while before you get the hang of things. Thankfully, Shopify’s popularity gives another advantage. The fact that so many people use the platform and encounter problems means that you should not have problems finding answers to most questions.

You may encounter tutorials behind a paywall, but as a rule of thumb, even that information should be available for free, even if it is in another form.

Advantage #4 – Visually Appealing Designs

It might not seem like that big of a deal to some, but every bit helps when you are trying to persuade the website’s visitors to spend money. Visually appealing themes and designs are going to help you with that.

The platform comes with a plethora of free professional templates. You can also spend money on premium options and support the designers who are improving the overall quality of Shopify.

Advantage #5 – Security and Reliability

Security and Reliability

Security and reliability are one of the priorities for upcoming entrepreneurs. They want to ensure that their platform is not going to be overrun by cybersecurity threats.

Shopify is known for its stability thanks to the constant updates and the experience of developers who have spent years developing a system that protects the information of their users. You can connect to RVS Media Shopify Developers to find the best results for your online store.

Advantage #6 – Great Marketing Tools

Understanding the position of your business without proper analytics would be too difficult. Thankfully, Shopify has an advanced Insights tool that lets you monitor the store’s situation and collect data. You can make adjustments and follow your progress.

Besides the analytics, you will also find tools for email marketing, coupons and discount cards, and store statistics.

Advantage #7 – Mobile Responsiveness

According to Oberlo, about 50 percent of internet traffic will be mobile by 2021. It is crucial to have the store optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Missing on this number of potential customers would be a huge waste.

Shopify has its users covered, though. The platform’s themes are mobile-friendly, and people who prefer to do their shopping with a smartphone or a tablet will not have any problems navigating through your store.

Advantage #8 – Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing the store for search engines is easier when you use Shopify. The platform supports custom title tags and meta tags. Designing landing pages is also not that much of a hassle.

SEO is one of the key aspects of having a sustainable and profitable business. Traffic from search engines is worth a lot because people visit the store after typing keywords with intent to purchase something and get redirected to the right place.

Advantage #9 – Available Customer Support

Available Customer Support

If you cannot find an answer to a particular problem yourself, or if the website is acting up, accessing Shopify’s customer support should not be a problem. They tend to respond to emails and live messages fast, though a phone call is usually the most effective method.

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