Why Netflix Doesn’t Offer Any Discount For Students

by KEN

Firstly we will talk about Netflix, what is Netflix? what it’s vision and mission. Netflix is the world’s biggest media outlet with a huge number of fans and clients. Individuals like to invest their free energy watching recordings like films, shows and arrangement on Netflix. In this scourge, it is one of the organizations that is developing. Since different spots were shut and Netflix was the solitary path for individuals to have a good time.

Netflix is a video streaming hub where people watch movies and shows of their choice. It has three different plans (basic, standard, premium)  with different prices that people have to pay to get access to Netflix. The price of the basic plan is 7.99$, standard plan price is 11.99$ and premium price is 15.99$. These prices are for a one-month subscription that is much expensive for any student to afford with his pocket money.

So here one question arises in our mind, Is Netflix offers any discount for students? The answer is simply “NO” there is no Netflix student discount offer so far. According to our survey of students, Netflix should invent a discount offer that will make a large number of students become Netflix paid subscribers.

Netflix Net Worth And Its Owners

 Netflix owners:

There are three major owners or partners of Netflix

1. Reed Hastings

He is a chairman and Co-Ceo of Netflix having a huge amount of shares. He is a business person who has changed diversion since helping to establish Netflix in 1997, filling in as its executive and CEO since 1999. His first organization, the Pure Software, was dispatched in 1991 and procured not long before Netflix was dispatched.

2. Ted Sarandos

He is a Co-Ceo and CCO of Netflix. Sarandos will keep on filling in as the organization’s central substance official, and he’s joining the top managerial staff also.

3. Greg Peters

He is a COO and CPO of Netflix. Chief Product Officer Greg Peters is assuming the extra job of a head working official.

These three members are founders of Netflix and have been instrumental in its growth and popularity. Thanks to their efforts, Netflix is now successfully extending its services to more than 190 countries. It has different libraries with all kinds of content (movies, shows and series) and it varies from country to country.

They started their business by just selling DVDs on a monthly rental basis, now there is a platform that has huge traffic of paid subscribers. People have to buy one of its packages (which we discussed above) to get access to the account. The account is available for one month which expires after 30 days and the user renews it.

Basic package

Only one screen is available in this plan

Standard package

Two screens are available in this plan means two people can share this plan and price.

Premium package

Four screens are available in this plan so the price will divide into four people.

These are the characteristics of Netflix plans, now people choose one from these packages according to their need.

Netflix Worth:

In 2020, everyone is familiar with Netflix because of its popularity, so it is a worthy video streamer in the world. Its competitors are Hulu, HBO, Apple, Amazon Prime, Disney and many others but it is successfully competing with them and making its place in the world. Do you know how many paid subscribers it has? It has 182.8 million subscribers who buy Netflix packages every month.

So it generated billions of revenue every month, this will allow you to estimate its annual net worth.

It is the brief history of Netflix and its business model now back to our topic

If Netflix doesn’t allow any discount to students then what is the purpose of this Discussion.

Yes, it is true that Netflix doesn’t offer any discount on its packages but I will share some methods for you to get free access to Netflix accounts. As we are familiar with the free trial process often websites offer, like other Netflix also offers a free trial for a month to its customers, you have to get benefit from this method. Netflix offers this just for a month but you can get it for more than a month by following this trick.

* Sign up on Netflix account

* Avail the free trial offer

* Enjoy it for a month

* Cancel it before ending the trial (before 30 days)

* Netflix itself renew it for you

* It will send a link on your specific email address

* You can get access again through this link

* You can repeat this process again and again

Virtual Card

Another strategy is the virtual cards method, you can use virtual card process to buy Netflix package, this method will help you to buy with discounted price.


You can utilize VPN for getting free preliminaries with IP addresses, it is additionally useful for getting various libraries of Netflix. US library has an alternate assortment of motion pictures and shows and this will shift nation by nation or mainland.

  • Use VPN for a free preliminary and follow the above strategy for over one-month free preliminary.

Shared Screen Method (Premium Plan)

Last but not the least process is the division process, a premium plan offers 4 HD screens in a single package, four people can buy this plan collectively, Doing so will divide the price into 4 people and everyone will be able to afford it.

These three methods you can adopt to get discount or free Netflix account and make your moment happier.

  • Free trial
  • Virtual cards
  • Share the premium plan

You can use a VPN to get access to the library of any specific country to watch their content.

If we talk about the contenders of Netflix, at that point there is an immense rundown like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple, HBO. They all are well known video decorations with their characteristics and includes and rivaling each other effectively.

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